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Hello. My name is Marine.
INTERESTS kristen bell, jennifer lawrence, josh hutcherson, dylan o'brien, sophia bush, john krasinski, veronica mars, thg, haven, tv shows, music, movies, graphism, the english language, shopping, rain, New York, photography, sleeping, starbucks, read fanfictions.
MUSIC deb talan, regina spektor, the weepies, nada surf, the fray, the beatles, snow patrol, damien rice, aimee mann, metric, she & him, the shins, travis, coldplay, death cab for cutie, bethany joy galeotti, britney spears, the cardigans, fiona apple, the perishers, sia, spoon, stereophonics, sam palladio & clare bowen.
MOVIES the hunger games, across the universe, the perks of being a wallflower, my sassy girl, the notebook, cruel intentions, 500 days of summer, a lot like love, dirty dancing, moulin rouge, garden state, les poupées russes, the hunger games, i am sam, the virgin suicides, elizabethtown, american beauty, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
TV (past) veronica mars, buffy the vampire slayer, the oc, alias, skins (1&2), friday night lights, gilmore girls, sex and the city, friends, roswell, will&grace, dead like me, felicity, greek, the black donnellys, pan am.

(present) haven, southland, the good wife, parenthood, the mindy project, new girl, the office (us), the americans, doctor who, ben and kate, parks and recreation, happy endings, suits, nashville, homeland, downton abbey, the newsroom, hart of dixie, cougar town, raising hope, modern family, grey's anatomy, community, my mad fat diary,
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'You love me. Real or not real?


;Peeta & Katniss.
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across the universe, adam brody, adrianne palicki, aimee teegarden, alias, allison argent, audrey parker, ben sherman, ben/john, benjamin mckenzie, billie piper, blake lively, britney spears, carrie/charlotte/miranda/samantha, chris miles, connie britton, coop/sum, cruel intentions, crystal reed, david tennant, deb talan, dianna agron, duke crocker, dylan o'brien, emily rose, eric balfour, fanfiction, friday night lights, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, guillaume canet, haven, holland roden, jake mcdorman, jal fazer, james marsden, jason dohring, jenna fischer, jennifer garner, jennifer lawrence, jeux d'enfants, jim halpert, jim/pam, john cooper, john krasinski, joseph dempsie, josh hutcherson, kirsten dunst, kristen bell, kyle chandler, lauren graham, lea michele, logan/veronica, lorelai gilmore, lucas bryant, luke/lorelai, lyd/russ, lydia adams, lydia martin, maria/michael, mariella moretta, matt/julie, max/liz, michael vartan, minka kelly, mischa barton, moulin rouge, movies, music, nate moretta, nathan wuornos, nathan/audrey, pam beesly, peeta/katniss, puck/rachel, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rashida jones, reese witherspoon, roswell, ryan gosling, ryan/marissa, sammy bryant, sammy/ben, sammy/mariella, sammy/nate, sarah michelle gellar, seth/summer, sex and the city, shawn hatosy, skins, sophia bush, southland, stiles stilinski, stiles/lydia, stiles/scott, sydney/vaughn, taylor kitsch, teen wolf, teen wolf cast, the black donnellys, the hunger games, the notebook, the oc, the office, tv shows, tyler posey, tyra/julie, veronica mars, will&grace